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For inquiries or questions, please contact the BNAR office or any of the Executive Officers.

7 Craig Street

P.O. Box 434

Belize City, Belize

223.4501 office

223-4821 fax

Our Members and their Firms

  BNAR Membership   




AME Realty Flores, Misael Executive Officer - President
4Realty Habet, Carlo Executive Officer - VicePresident
AME Realty Martinez, Dominga Executive Officer - Secretary
Birdwalk Realty  Grimshaw, William Executive Officer - Treasurer
Think Belize Limited Neal, Ruth Executive Officer - Past President
Rainforest Realty Rose, Macarena Executive Officer
Birdwalk Realty Cariddi, Chris Executive Officer
Ambergris Seaside Real Estate Buettner, Josh  Director
RE-Max Isla Bonita Carlson, Gil  Director
Sirena del Mar Real Estate Maznek, Nick Director
Gemstone Properties Willoughby, Ulric. L. Director
Advantage Realty                      
Ambergris Property Taylor, Tom  
Ambergris SeaSide Real Estate Gassner, Alisa  
AME Realty                                    Donchev, Doncho  
AME Realty Reyes, Darlene  
Bel Traide Smith, Lourdes  
Belize Caye Properties Cruz, Melinda C.  
Belize Caye Properties Neubert, Pamela M.  
Belize Caye Properties Wright, Alana S.  
Belize Caye Properties Wright, David   
Belize Caye Properties Wright, Lon Jr.  
Belize Caye Properties Wright, Lon Sr.  
Belize Caye Properties Wright, Nona  
Belize Caye Properties Wright, Teresa A.  
Belize Caye Properties Wright, Barbara J.  
Belize Jewel Realtors Diab, Hysam  
Belize Jewel Realtors Tun, Jose  
Belize Realty Connection Hulse, Cherry  
Belize Realty Connection Pott, Jose  
Belizean Construction Consultants Plett, George  
Belizean Construction Consultants Churan, Carl  
Belmopan Investment Realty Garcia, Ismael  
Birdwalk Realty Cariddi, Jonathan   
Birdwalk Realty Cariddi, Mary   
Birdwalk Realty Chee, Johnny   
Birdwalk Realty Weins, David   
Caribbean Future Realty Turner, Ruth  
Caribbean Future Realty Villanueva, Andria  
Caribbean Island Brokers Ingersoll, Katherine T.   
Caribbean Island Brokers Ingersoll, Doug  
Caribbean Property Consultants  Doyle, Patrick   
Caribbean Property Consultants  Dunbar, Dan   
Caribbean Property Consultants  Snyder, Lea   
Caribbean Property Consultants  Young, Michael   
Castle Realty Sabido, David   
Castle Realty Silva, Alfonso Salvador   
Ceiba Realty Lohr, Jonathan   
Coral Beach Realty                         Hamilton, Bob  
Corozal Bay Realty    Eiley, Lincoln  
CSB Property Management Castillo, Julian  
Cyan Belize Churan, Carl   
Equitable Enterprises Ltd. Flowers, Henry D.   
Equitable Enterprises Ltd. Flowers, Norma    
Elite Real Estate           John D. Turley  
Elite Real Estate                               
High Profile Realty                    Andrews, Maureen Y.  
In Sites Real Estate Hendrikx Marta   
International Realty Plus Lowe, Robert   
Ivorr Realty

Ivorr Realty

Johnson, Angela 

Olivia Villanueva 

Ivorr Realty Villanueva, Rene Jr.  
Ixchel Realty Services Espejo, Roger  
Mangrove Island Development Burn, Allan  
Maya Land Realty Jeal, Dalila  
MC Real Estate & Consultancy Montero, Oscar  
Medium International Young, Greg  
Ocean Motion Leslie, Lavern  
Paradise Found Belize Leonard, Mark Chris   
Paradise Found Belize Leslie, Angelica   
Paradise Found Belize Leslie, Mark   
Paradise Found Belize Waight, Vince   
Rainforest Realty  Austin, Lee    
Rainforest Realty  Austin, Ray  
Rainforest Realty  Kotch, Pastor   
Rainforest Realty  Mar, Hector   
Rainforest Realty Shandi Wagner  
RE-Max Isla Bonita Carlson, Gil   
RE-Max Isla Bonita Lamb, Bart   
RE-Max Isla Bonita Rodewald, Judy   
Regent Realty Reyes, Eric  
Res Privata Realty         

Res Privata Realty

Rolling Hills Realty Ltd.

Cindy Ermeav Williams

Stanley Ermeav Jr

Fonseca, David

Sirena del Mar Real Estate Maznek, Rachel  
Splendid Properties Novelo, Antonio  
Sunrise Realty  Syme, Amanda  
TaxMasters Inc.  de Marlor, Linda  
Toledo Tropical Realty Chavarria, Mario A.  
Triton Properties Realty Eiley, Lincoln   
Yearwood Properties  Yearwood, Brian  
  Bennett, Mark E.   
  Burrows, Margarita   
  March, Stan  
  Neal, Leonard F. Sr.





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